I figured since I'm introducing my family to the bloggy world, I would give Biggest her turn.

Biggest will be 7 years old in 2 weeks, and is in First Grade. She will be playing soccer for the first time, this summer. I'm not sure who is more excited...her or her Father (who is a die-hard soccer player). Either way, it will be an interesting experience for me, considering I know very little about the rules of soccer...even though I've attended the majority of Honey's soccer games in the last 10 years.


Thrills said...

I'm sure my kids will be playing soccer too. My hubby was a soccer player and now we go to professional games in Harrisburg. I enjoy it some, but don't get into enough to understand all of the rules - like off sides? That one confuses me.

Just from reading your blog and myspace page, it amazes me how much you and I have in common. I may have to write it down sometime.

Thrills said...
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