Hair Cut?!?

The picture I put in the previous post was taken the week before Christmas. We used it as part of our Christmas Card photo...just about 6 weeks ago. And yes, with the overgrown, shaggy haired look Honey had going on, I still think he is rather handsome. Compare that too...his look in my current profile picture.
WOW!! I guess I never realized the difference, or at least gave it much thought. But, Honey's hair grows REALLY fast! I forgot to mention that my current profile pic was taken July 4th week, while we vacationed in Florida. That is 5 months of hair!
His excuse for such shagginess?...I cut his hair. Frankly, I'd rather not cut his hair, but (here's the real excuse) I am just to cheap to pay someone else $20 to do something that I already know how to do for free.

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