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I keep finding myself becoming one of 'those parents'. You know, the ones that teachers run from. I am really having a hard time with the reading curriculum at our school. From talking to a friend, who was a sub in many of the schools in our area, I have learned that all the other schools have also adopted this same curriculum. So basically, we can't switch schools to avoid it. Anyway, Biggest has the memory of an elephant. She can memorize anything. It didn't take me long to realize that she wasn't reading much at all...she actually was memorizing her books. I found out that her teacher makes the students read the same book and ONLY that book for a week, then sends it home to read to the parents.
I started working with Biggest at home, trying to get her to read other books too, to start breaking the habit of memorization. It helped for about 2 months, but this morning I realized it has started again!
I voiced my opinion about this to my teacher friend, who now teaches 2nd grade in our school district. She agreed with me since some of her students have the same problem. She's working to break the habit with them too!

I guess my frusteration lies with the government's "No child left behind" theory. They are making things easy for teachers to teach and pass the children on to the next level. But are the students really learning or are they just being taught how to "fake it til you make it" so to speak?

OK, done venting about my frusterating morning...feel free to comment. And, for all you teachers out there...I really do respect and appreciate what you do. You are very underpaid and overworked. Thanks!

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Anonymous said...

Do your kids have webkinz? If they do, this is a sure way to get them to read (if you sit with them). There are many different things to do and there are also things to read. Also, just pick up the newspaper and have her read the cartoons or anything, my oldest grandson is in 2nd grade and that is what I do with him.