One of those weeks...

Here are just a few things that didn't quite go 'as planned'...
1. I really messed up the coffee monday morning. I did it the same as always, so I thought. It was so strong and kinda thick.
2. Lost the lid while opening a new container of milk, thus spilling part of it on my freshly mopped floor. Ewww.
3. Cleaned out my 'pantry closet'. I got everything in it, but what came out is still laying on the floor waiting for a new home. :(
4. The pitcher broke to my Iced Tea maker, getting a replacement isn't as easy as I thought, so now I'm making tea the old fashioned way.
5. I forgot about the tea, TWICE. I definitely burned the first tea bag and trashed it. The second one seemed ok...so I finished making it. It turned out to have a mild burn flavor.
6. I put too much 'beef flavoring' in our meat last night for dinner...it turned black and looked burned. It tasted ok, however 'Little One' refused to eat it.
8. I think I broke the coffee maker this morning...and I'm pretty sure NOTHING good can come of that. What's worse is that I'm out of coffee-mate!

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