The count down to VACATION!!

va·ca·tion -noun- a period of suspension of work, study, or other activity, usually used for rest, recreation, or travel; recess or holiday

The one week a year that everyone looks forward to! In aproximately 48 hours from now...we will be leaving for our family vacation. The 4 of us are heading to Massanutten Resort, in Virginia. We have been vacationing there for 8 years, and love every minute we have spent there.

This year our vacation has a brand new meaning. This year, not only is our vacation a week of rest & relaxation; but also new beginnings. I haven't really shared a lot about this, but the closer the time comes, the more I get excited!

Honey has been working on his family's farm for as long as he can remember, and it has been his full time job for the entire 8 years we have been married. For those 8 years he took his turn milking cows at 3am and doing all the field work and other chores. Our vacation represents the end of that career and a beginning to something new. About 2 years ago, Honey felt God was calling him (us) to something new...but neither of us were sure what. We spent lots of time praying and just listening to God's voice. There have been some amazing changes in our lives over the last 2 years. Our vacation marks the end of farm work for Honey, but a brand new journey will begin when we return home. We are so very eager to be obedient to God's call on our lives, we have been blessed in so many ways already! We still aren't sure where or what we are going to be doing. We feel strongly that we are being called to minister in our home church. So, that is where we will begin at this point and there is no telling where we may end up.

I will be sharing more of our ministry experiences soon...


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Thrills said...

A vacation sounds so nice. I don't have one until September.

I can't wait to hear what God has planned for you. I'm glad that you are excited about it. Do you know what you will be doing at your church?