Easter weekend festivities...

My mom took the girls to a neighborhood egg hunt on Saturday, this is just one of the bowls of freshly cooked & colored eggs they brought home! I am going to have to be creative with these eggs so none of them go to waste.

Easter morning the girls opened their Easter Baskets...then we were off to church. They were very excited to wear their new Easter dresses (which I made).

After lunch, my parents came over to have an egg hunt with the girls. I followed them around the yard...trying to take pictures. I guess the angle on this one wasn't too great...the sun was really brite. Nan helped the girls count their eggs, to make sure none were left in the yard!

Easter Blessings,

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Trina said...

Oh wow! Who knew I had another reader?! :) I'm so glad you visited my blog and commented, otherwise I never would have known to visit your blog! I would love to see more of the things you've made. The girls' dresses look nice. Do you use store bought patterns? I love talking to other sewers/crafters!