We spent a week in Virginia, at a Mountain resort...Massanutten. We vacation there every year, and every year seems to get even better. This year was no exception. We spent lots of time at the pool and rec center since it rained almost every day. One of those rainy days we took the girls to visit Endless Caverns. It was about an hour and fifteen minute long tour through the caverns, I was completely surprised at how attentive the girls were during the tour. The enjoyed it way more than I thought they would. They talked about the cave all week, and are looking forward to visiting another cave.

We took the girls to ride go carts, visited a flea market, horse stables, and played tennis.

At the end of our week, some of our friends joined us on our vacation. We spent Saturday at the resort's indoor waterpark! What a treat for all of us!

When I started writing this post about our vacation, at first it didn't seem like we did very much. But, the point of our vacation was to RELAX...and we did just that, and lots of it! Plus, we brought home tons of memories that will last a lifetime.


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