Littlest is known in our family for her ability to sleep anywhere. And...when I say anywhere, I mean it very literally. She will either start the night sleeping in her bed or sometimes not. But when I tuck her in at night, there is never a guarentee that she will stay put. She has been found sleeping on the floor of her closet, on the floor outside my bedroom door, and on the floor in our hallway, plus a few other places that have slipped my mind.

Anyway, a few mornings ago, I went to wake Littlest for church and couldn't find her anywhere. After looking in the girls room for the second time, I finally found her sleeping in the cradle.

The cradle was a gift to me, from my parents (several years ago) and was made by Honey's uncle. I used it for Littlest instead of a basinet when we brought her home from the hospital. I plan to use it for Baby too. Normally the girls use it to play dolls, but here is a picture of how they used the cradle this time. She said she slept good, but I'm not convinced she was overly comfortable!