Paisley: 7 Months

For a moment I wish time would just stand still! I feel like every time I look at Paisley, she is doing something new or growing another inch. This past sunday, Dustin & I were sitting in church, fighting over which one of us would get to snuggle with her during the service. Okay, so we weren't really fighting, but there was a bit of competition!

She is such an amazing little girl, and a huge blessing to our family. Here is a picture of her from this afternoon. She is officially 7 months old, as of Friday.

7 Month accomplishments...
*Crawling! Paisley is constantly on the go. Whether she is in her walker or on the floor...she's moving
*Sits up all by her self...
*She ate her very first pancake this past weekend...and LOVED it! She is also starting to drink some apple juice from time to time.

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Eric and April said...

She's got some killer eyes! One day you will have to tell her, they don't need make-up. They are beautiful without!!