Eye Exams and such...

Biggest & I had appointments to see the eye doctor today. Due to a change in our insurance, we had to switch Doctors. (Our new Dr is great, btw.) This was the first time for Biggest, and I was just desperate for new contacts. It turned out that Biggest has better than 20/20 vision. Yippee...no glasses for her! I actually got a good report too, and a renewal for my contact lens prescription.
Since it was my first time being seen by this Dr, he had to dilate my eyes. We all know that nothing good can come from having your eyes dilated...you can't see a thing!

After our exams, Biggest & I went to Target to pick up a few things. Can I just say I felt really dumb asking my 7 year old to read the prices on the clearance stickers. They were so small, and trying to focus made my head spin. I got several strange looks from the other shoppers...talk about embarrassing.

On another note...my mom dusted the floor in our office again today. This is a weekly event. The floor is linoleum. Dusting spray makes linoleum very slippery. I fell...I fell again...and I slipped and almost fell (I caught my self this time). Why do you put dusting spray on linoleum?

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Anonymous said...

So, you got Biggest to read the prices - HUM! - try letting her read other things too. They only read when they want to or have to. I've never been a fan of repeat reading. Keep trying!