Friday Favorite Five

Meredith over at Stretching a Buck is hosting "Friday Favorite Five". The question of the day is: What do you splurge on in your Kitchen???
Here are my five favorite items for the kitchen~
  1. Heinz Ketchup
  2. Glad Force Flex Trash Bags
  3. A-1 Sauce
  4. Maxwell House Coffee (Used to be a Folgers girl, till Honey convinced me otherwise!)
  5. Cascade Dish Detergent~preferably the 2 in 1 gel pacs


jeannie said...

Me too on the A1 !!!!! (lol)

Meredith said...

I spend a little extra to use Cascade too...the others I have tried just don't seem to work as well.

Thanks for stopping by, and for participating! :)