Super Saturday Savings

I've been playing the CVS game for several months now. I've had both good and bad weeks, but never got the nerve to share my experiences with everyone. But, like they say 'there is a first time for everything', so here goes...

Transaction #1:
2 Garnier Hair colors 2/$10.00
Glade Air Freshener -sale- .99
Excedrin 3.99
Colgate toothpaste 1.88
2 Kandoo Wipes refills 4.49
2 Kandoo Wipes tubs 3.49

Total before savings was $40.61. I used $11.98 in Mfg coupons plus 13.99 in ECB's, which made my total out of pocket only $6.85. I had a $4/$20 coupon that I left in my truck, so I'll use that another time.
** I got $8 in ECB's back, plus a few other coupons...

Transaction #2:
2 Garnier Hair Color 2/$10.00
2 Crest toothpastes 2/5.00
2 Oral B Toothbrushes 2/5.00
3 Cascade 2 in 1 pacs -sale- 3.49 each
Dawn Dish liquid .99
Colgate toothpaste 1.88
2 Dove shampoo/conditioner 4.99
Purell Hand Sanitizer 3.99
Orbit gum (filler) 1.19
PG Trial pack 2.99

Total before savings was $65.74. I used $8 in mfg coupons and $26.99 in ECB's plus a 10/50 CVS register coupon. All of this brought my total to only $1.51 out of pocket!
**I got $13 ECB's back.

Overall, not a good week for producing ECB's, but my savings were awesome!
Stop by Money Saving Mom and click on her CVS 101 link for for more details on CVSing!


Heidi @ GGIP said...

Great job! I don't think you need to be shy about sharing your savings. I am new at this and I posted today!

Anyhow, I certainly look forward to reading posts like this so I can be challenged to do a better job.

Have a good weekend.

Thrills said...

I just started doing the CVS thing 2 or 3 weeks ago. I have just started small with one or two items. I think I am going to have to try to get more.

Amanda said...

I've had good and bad weeks, too at CVS. As a matter of fact, my very first time trying to work the system was a fiasco! Glad you decided to share this time! :)

Michele said...

Great job! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I answered your question about how I have $100 in ECB's if you want to stop by!