Happy Valentine's Day!!

I didn't know what to do for Honey for Valentine's Day. I seemed to outdo myself with his Christmas gift...so I didn't want to spend a ton of money. Last week he saw previews for this movie, and said he would really like to watch it. SO, my gift to Honey was; chocolates and a rented copy of the movie. I made one of our favorite meals (Brocolli & Alfredo with garlic bread) and we had family movie night. Half way through the movie we had "intermission". Actually, Honey got a phone call & Biggest and I took that as an opportunity to make popcorn.

MY gift from Honey, is still in the box. Opened, but still in the box. It's a new stainless steel microwave!! I know, not very exciting is it! Well, we are in the middle of redoing our kitchen. Really, we are just replacing the appliances...one at a time. We just got the new sink/faucet a few weeks ago, which I LOVE! I'll add pictures of that later. Anyway, I've been wanting to replace the microwave for a while now, and now we can! It's the space saver kind that gets mounted above the stove...I'll add pics once we get the monster installed! :)

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