I've been bit!

Yes...it's true! I've been bit by the sewing bug! It's driving me crazy, all I can think about is jumping in my car and driving to the fabric store. I have a sewing machine, it was a gift from my mother. Unfortunately, the only time I have ever used it was to hem a set of curtains I bought. I accidently bought the wrong size and when I went to exchange them, they didn't have the right size in stock (the price wasn't any different either). So instead of waiting for the right ones to be ordered, I hemmed the ones I had. Ingenious, I know!

Anyway, I've been itching to get the sewing machine back out. I am determined to prove to everyone that I DO in fact know how to sew. I have been reading all these sewing/crafting blogs, and I've seen simple patterns & tutorials, that I am sure I could handle.
I think I'm going to head to the fabric store...see ya'll later. Hopefully, I'll have something creative & crafty to show you soon!

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