Baby Burp Cloths

I did it! I just finished my first sewing project. Now keep in mind, I am not a seamstress by nature, and the idea was fairly easy for a beginner...
I found this Baby Burp Cloth tutorial here, and decided to give it a try. I changed the pattern slightly, as you can tell. But, I think mine will work just fine...I'd use them for sure! Now I just need to find an expecting mother to give them to!


Anonymous said...

They look good Jerri! I'm impressed!

Trina said...

Oh, now I know how you found me! I'm a regular stalker of Jill's blog and I love all her tutorials. I made the burp cloths (and bibs) too but did make them peanut shaped. I liked that the peanut shape was different than store bought ones. My friend is due any day now and I can't wait to give them to her!!

Nice job on yours! :)