Date Nite!

Honey & I were very blessed to be go on a 'spur of the moment' date last night. My parents stopped by yesterday, and the girls went to spend the evening with them. So, I quickly called Honey to make sure he didn't have anything planned for the evening...
We had dinner at Uno's and I had my favorite pizza..Chef's Choice Deep Dish with pepperoni, onion & green peppers. Ok, now that I think of it, probably not the best combo for 'date nite'.

After a very enjoyable dinner, we went to Home Depot to get a few much needed items for our house.

The girls LOVE to spend time with my parents at their house. 2 years ago my parents built a house in a new neighborhood, with freshly paved streets & driveways. (We don't have those here in the country.) Anyway, the girls love riding their bikes with Nan. So last night when we picked up the girls, Littlest showed off that she can officially ride her bike without the training wheels. She was so proud of herself!

Last week, Biggest had a cough and sore throat. She even missed 2 days of school. Well, guess who has the sore throat now. Yep, me! I could feel it coming on last night, but was hoping to sleep it off. I have this amazing ability to "sleep off" just about anything....if I sleep long enough. ;o) Well, I wasn't that lucky...so back to bed I go!


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