'Moment' of the week...#2

This weeks' moment doesn't have a picture...just a story. This week, Littlest wins the 'Moment' of the week.

For those of my readers who don't know. Honey & I are currently in the process of buying my parents farmette. We are currently living in their old house. They don't live here, however, my parents are here on a very regular basis. My dad owns a business and still works here. Anyway, my mom was here

Let me set the scene...Littlest is sitting in the living room, surrounded by hundreds, possibly thousands of Polly Pocket dolls, clothing, cars, accessories, etc...you get the idea. My mom comes in to say hello & decides to sit on the floor and 'play' with Littlest. This is how the conversation goes...

Littlest: Stop messing with my polly's

Mom: I just want to play too.

Littlest: But I already have them set up.

Mom: Ok, well, then can I watch??

Littlest: No, why don't you just go home?!

Mom: So, I can't play?

Mom (to me): What have you been teaching your girls??

Me: Littlest, don't you think that was a bit rude? Tell Nan you're sorry.

Littlest: Sorry, but don't mess with my Pollys.

**Mom then leaves, and goes back outside...

I did talk to littlest about how what she said was mean and could've hurt my mom's feelings. As much as I wished Littlest could take back her words, I did find it kinda funny how "obedient" my mom was. Kids can be so painfully honest.

Here's my bit of advice for the day...Need an honest opinion on something?? ...ask your kid! ;o)


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