This & That

It's been a few days since I've blogged...at all. Actually, to be painfully honest, I haven't done much of anything.
Friday, I spent the evening scrapbooking at church with a few other ladies...it was quite relaxing.
Saturday, Honey was off work, so we spent the weekend doing some much needed furniture rearrangement in our upstairs. You see...Biggest was in the smallest bedroom, and frankly it just wasn't working out for her. So, we decided to flip her room and the guest room. Which was fine, but that required moving a set of bunk beds. So Biggest was sleeping on our futon temporarily. Anyway, we situated the upstairs and that is done, aside from the major over-haul that needs done in my own room. EEEK!
Sunday we kicked off Revival Services at our church, and WOW is just about all I can say at this point. It was a very spiritually challenging week (in a good way).
So, now it is Thursday, and my week is over half gone and I have SO MUCH catching up to do on all my chores. Yuck!!

Hopefully, I'll get some time for sewing or crafting of some sort.


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