Strawberry Freezer Jelly! Yummm

I was really hoping to take some pictures to add to my posts for the week, however, I have yet to find my camera. So, I figured I would post with out them before I forgot what I wanted to write about.


Earlier this week, while grocery shopping I bought 4 lbs of Strawberries at Wal-mart. They were only $1.88 each, which is way cheaper than picking them myself. Then my aunt called to let me know she had 6 more quarts left she needed to get rid of. YEAH for me...more strawberries. Honey and both the girls have been begging for some fresh, homemade strawberry freezer jelly. I used a pack of "No Cook" freezer jelly pectin and in no time I had 12 jars of strawberry freezer jelly! I ended up make a batch on Wednesday and another batch today. It was the best and fastest jelly ever!


Thrills said...

Is this the same recipe that your mom used? I remember eating at your house on Sunday's after church. I always looked forward to her homemade strawberry jelly. Every time I have strawberry jelly, I think of her.

Anonymous said...

Yeah for "no cook"!!! I used that too this year and was totally excited about how easy and quick it was to make. It was a very rewarding process that didn't leave me exhausted (or sticky) in the end. I'm all over that! ~Danae

Trina said...

Ok, you'll have to share the recipe or directions for this so I can try it! Sounds yummy.

(So that blog I posted about has totally changed my life LOL, I'm in revival!)

Trina said...

Ok, I just made my freezer jelly. I will do a post on it but I have a question about the jars. I bought the quilted glass kind and this video I saw shows them using the plastic freezer jars.


Can I freeze the glass ones? Thanks!