$50 well spent

I have been "discussing" with Honey that we should consider getting a pool. Okay, so discussing isn't the right word..."begging and threatening to have one put in while he's at work someday" is more honest. Anyway, he is insistant on "NO". So instead, we got a small, blow up pool to entertain the girls on those unbearably hot summer days.

It wasn't a bad investment actually, we spent $50, and it has pretty much already paid for itself.

Last night, Honey was working late, and wasn't going to get home til 10pm. So, I left the girls stay up late...to swim. I lit the fire pot and torches, and watched the girls swim. It was probably the most relaxing evening I've had in a while. They played in the pool for over an hour.


Thrills said...

Sounds nice. I looked at the middle picture real quick and thought it was you sitting in the chair. She looks just like you.

Trina said...


The pool I bought the kids ended up with green slime in it. YUCK.

Are you treating yours with chemicals?