Baby Names...???

HELP!! We have no idea what to name this little baby. With the girls, we knew right away what their names would be. This time, it's not so easy. We just start rattling off names and none of them really feel right. Actually, we did have a few names picked out, after Littlest was born, just incase. But now that I am actually pregnant, none of them seem to fit. The girls have helped by making a few suggestions too. However, here is the list they gave us:
Frank ( Short for Franklin)

So, for my readers who are parents of preschool/elementary age children, do any of these names ring a bell??? It helped me see just how influential television really is!

Anyway, I will accept any name suggestions you may have...I have 4 1/2 months to have a name picked.

Tuesday we (I) go for my 20 week ultrasound...hopefully, we'll know if we are having a boy or girl. Hopefully having that tidbit of information will help the process of naming him or her a bit easier!


baby girl said...

you can ask my girls and get the same answer :)

Thrills said...

One girl name that I have always considered is Danna Micole.

Trina said...

I like uncommon names so I am not sure my suggestions would fit your tastes :)

But let us know what they determine the gender to be and I'll throw out some suggestions anyway :)

April said...

I like the name Spencer alot! Girls name I think are easier to think of than boys names I think!