I've been feeling crafty!

I have switched my craftiness from sewing to other "non-sewing" projects. Especially after apliqueing flowers on to curtains for in Biggest's room. What a project that was. Anyway, they are done, but I haven't hung them yet. :( I promise I'll post when I do, I'm so proud of how they turned out!

I have this wall in my dining room that has been screaming to be decorated, ever since we moved in. But it's a big wall, and I had nothing that worked.
My Dad had this old wooden door laying around.

I scraped off what was left of the old yucky paint, removed the glass, and cleaned the door with a wire brush then a damp cloth to get the dust off. I don't have pictures of the next 2 steps of the painting process...I forgot to take pictures at this point. But, I used bright red spray paint and painted the door very unevenly. You know, brighter in some areas and not any in others. Once it was mostly dry I painted over it with a finished coat of flat black spray paint. I left this dry then I used finishing sandpaper to "rough it up" a bit, allowing some of the red to show through and even some of the original white that I couldn't get off. It turned out with a great "Antique" look.

I added mirrored glass in the panes to replace the glass, and now I have a brand new custom made 8 foot long mirror for on my dining room wall.

Now I just need to spruce it up a bit...add some grapevine, berry garland, or barn stars. I LOVE Barn Stars.

Mirrored glass (bought & cut at the glass shop in town): $61.00
Spray Paint: $2
Door: FREE!!

My next projects...

This bench, to go with the Desk in Biggest's room:

This window...I know how it will be painted, not sure how it will be decorated or where it's going. More to come on it!


Trina said...

I love re-purposing! You did a great job! :)

The Amstutz Family said...

Aren't you a crafty lady! Your mirror looks great in the pictures. I'll have to stop by and see it on the wall!

April said...

That look awesome! We have an old door that has been sitting in our garage forever!