Sleep anyone???

Well, I have officially hit the 5 month mark in my pregnancy. This really isn't significant yet, other than I have come to the point where no matter what, my once comfy bed now feels like a torture chamber. I am convinced there is no comfortable position for a pregnant woman to sleep.
I haven't had sleep in days...I can't even nap well anymore. When I do get a good sleep, I end up waking up to a really bizarre dream that will then keep me awake til morning. I just can't win...so I thought!
Until last night that is. I finally found that comfy spot in my bed and dozed off in to a really great sleep...dream free!! Then it happened. Biggest came in to my room crying. Turns out, last night she had the bad dream. I should know by now not to ask what the dream was about. But I did it anyway, and here it is!

Biggest: (crying) I had a bad dream

Me: What was it about?

Biggest: Our house was invaded by chipmunks and they chewed off our legs

Me: That would never happen, chipmunks are tiny and could never invade our house.

Biggest: But they brought Racoons with them, to help!

Me: ...speechless. I had nothing else to say at this point. So I prayed with her (it was the only thing I could think of to do) then I sent her back to her bed.

So, there went my one good night of sleep. But at least I'm not the only one in the house having bizarre dreams.

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April said...

Bless your heart I remember those days of little sleep!