Back to school...

Finally, after a week long teacher strike, the girls got to head of to school!

We had a really bad thunder storm on the first day of school, so it was raining pretty hard and was unusually dark. That didn't hinder the excitement...both girls were very ready to get on the bus.

They got on the bus around 7:25. They were to have returned home by 2:30, however, they were about a half hour late.

Apparently, Littlest and her new BFF got on the wrong bus...till the drivers & teachers got everything figured out, both buses had to return to the school and swap kids. Hearing the story from the girls is pretty funny. Biggest was concerned, since she didn't know where her sister was. Littlest, however, was excited because she made a new friend while on the wrong bus.

Anyway, they both made it home safely, with a cute story to tell!

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