It's been a while...

Seems like forever since I've taken the time to update. Trust me, it isn't for lack of something to write about. I guess we've been pretty busy.

I am helping a friend (2 friends actually) plan their weddings. The first one is in October, and the other one in June. I have had a secret ambition to start an Event Planning business (maybe I'll blog about that later) so this is my attempt at starting. Anyway, these are my first 2 victims...I mean, clients! It's very exciting & fun!

Honey has been working...alot! Nothing new in that area. :)

We are on the planning committee for a community event that our church is hosting. It's called Light the Night. Last year was the first year we hosted the event, and it was a hit! In a nutshell, Light the Night is a Christian alternative to Trick or Treating, or other Halloween type celebrations. We have food, games, prizes, facepainting, hay rides, hay maze and music & skits. (**Let me know if you want more information, or ideas to start something in your own communtiy!)

The girls are loving school. Well, at least Biggest is. Littlest has been sick the past week, so school has been a bit overwhelming for her.
We finally saw the doctor this week, since Littlest has been running a fever for about 5 days. She wasn't having any other symptoms, so I thought the fever would pass. I was way wrong...we went to the doctor and with the results of a urine specimen, determined she has a severe bladder infection ~ YIKES!! So, we have been giving her tylenol & an antibiotic and she is starting to feel better already!

Well ~ that about sums up the last week or so...
Oh, I almost forgot...tomorrow I am scheduled to see Baby's cardiologist for an update echocardiogram.


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