Has it really been almost a month?!?

Wow, I just looked at the dates of my most recent posts...and it's been almost a month since I last updated! WOW...sorry to my few readers.

Well, I guess I'll do a month in review instead of a week in review. How sad! ;o)
So, here goes... (Thrills I'm going to copy your color-coding technique...thanks for the idea!!)

Littlest ran a fever, which at one point hit 104. She had no symptoms or pain, so I fed her tylenol and lots of liquids for three days. The fever didn't go away, so we went to see the doctor. Who thought I was crazy, btw! Anyhow, Littlest had to pee in a cup (what a challange!)...just to find she had a severe bladder infection. YIKES! Three days into the antibiotic, we learn that it was caused by E Coli and the antibiotic wouldn't work. So, back to the pharmacy we went, to start another antibiotic!
The next week, I started having terrible pain because of a wisdom tooth. I officially hate wisdom teeth. This shouldn't have been a big deal...if I would have listened to the dentsist 2 years ago and had them pulled then. They weren't bothering me then...so I left it go. Well, they are bothering me now, and my dentist won't do anything since I'm pregnant with a baby that has a heart condition. My only solution is...Tylenol! Well, thankfully I will be having Baby in early december and February I will be seeing the oral surgeon. Unless, of course, I decide to put this off again.
Littlest also had a sore tooth, which actually turned black. It was loose and the dentist said it should fall out soon...but coincidentally, it turned white again after a few doses of her antibiotic during the bladder infection incident.
I've been busy mainly seeing Doctors. That seems to be the story of my life at the moment. I have increased how often I go to the OB to every other week...I have 7 weeks til Baby arrives! We are very excited and nervous to welcome the new little one! Be praying...
This weekend is the wedding. The first one that I've been the official planner for. I am so excited and looking forward to it! It will be a crazy busy and tiring weekend, but worth it! I'll let all know how it goes!


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