My First Wedding

My first official "wedding coordinator" job is complete. The happy couple got married Saturday at 4pm. It was a great time. My weekend was very busy, actually, that's an understatement. It was crazy...but fun! I am definitely looking forward to the next one, when I won't be pregnant!
My weekend schedule looked like this:
Friday: 5:00pm Rehearsal & dinner
7:30pm finish decorating the church

Saturday: 9:00am meet the girls at the Salon - I did their make-up too!!
11:15am went home to shower & change clothes
1:00pm arrive at the church to work out last minute details, hand out flowers
pictures, etc
3:30pm Prelude & Ceremony Started

Sunday, I woke up after a great night of sleep...unfortunately I ended up with a migraine! Yuck. At any rate, the weekend went well, the wedding went smooth and I am now well rested and ready to start my week!

Happy Monday!

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