Paisley: 6 Months

Paisley is 6 months old! To celebrate, we decided to have dinner at the Olive Garden. We got there a bit later than we had wanted, and ended up having to wait almost 40 minutes for a table. Lucky for us, the big girls had eaten snacks before we left, and Paisley was in a great mood. So the wait was well worth it...the food was delicious as always!

Here is a picture of Paisley, enjoying herself at Olive Garden. She wouldn't sit still, so every picture I took was a bit blurry. But here she is in all her cuteness!!

And, yes, she did sit in the high chair "big girl" style!!

Well, we haven't seen the doctor for a 6 month check, so I don't have any weight or height measurements...but I have a stack of clothes that proves she is growing!

At this point, she is wearing mostly 6-9 months clothing and some 9-12 month. Here are a few of her other accomplishments:

  • She can sit up all by herself - for short periods of time.

  • She can get into "crawling position", and is actually starting to move now!

  • Still sleeping ALL night...which is huge blessing, cause Momma needs her sleep! ;o)

  • Eats pretty much any & all fruits or veggies. Not a picky eater at all! She is eating baby cereal & fruit/veggies 2 (and sometimes 3) times a day.

  • Sucks her thumb - we said good-bye to the pacifier a long time ago.

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