We have the yuckies!

Last friday, we celebrated Paisley being 6 months old. Saturday, she woke up with a snotty nose. No biggie, right?...she's just teething. Well, as of tuesday, the snotty nose turned into a cough which then turned in to difficulty breathing and a really bad "deep in the chest" kind of cough. So, off to the Doctor we went.

Yesterday, I spent 3 hours between the pediatricians office and the pharmacy. Needless to say, Paisley is now doing breathing treatments with an albuterol inhaler every 4 hours. So far it seems to be helping.

Today, we have another appointment with the pediatrician. This time, she will be seeing the doctor for her 6 month check up and shots. Then, possibley back again tomorrow, for a follow up from Wednesday.

Please be praying that Paisley recovers quickly, and that the rest of us manage to stay well!

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