Random Updates...

I wanted to post several days ago, but with pretty much everyone in the house being sick for the past week...it just wasn't a priority. So, here we are now with a random update.

* Soccer season has started. So far, the girls have played 2 games & won both. The girls play well together, and are very encouraging to each other. It is great to be able to watch them play! There is definitely a unity among the girls. They have a pretty cool coach, so I think that helps alot! ;)

Paisley...at soccer practice!! We spend alot of time watching from the truck...

* Paisley was sick again this week, so we ended up at the doctor's office on Thursday. Turns out, she has an ear infection...so she is now on an antibiotics.

* Our hens are finally earning their keep, well most of them anyway. We've been gathering about 8 eggs everyday. We still have eleven chicks that won't start laying for another month or so. We are officially selling eggs & taking orders for them. Kylei & Kadenn are responsible for the chickens...so far, they are enjoying it & looking forward to earning some money from their sales!

One of our hens has been laying 'double yolkers'...they are significantly larger than the other eggs. * The Funny Farm is enlarging...This week Dustin spent some time building a fenced in yard area for Cookie. Cookie is a paint horse that we aquired a while back. She will be joining us here sometime towards the end of the month. This is Cookie - I'm sure I'll be posting more about her soon!

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