Paisley: 8 months

I completely forgot to take a picture of Paisley yesterday, for her 8 month photo. It was beautiful outside & I guess we just got too caught up in the day's activities to take a picture. Anyway, I snapped one really quick this morning while we were waiting for coffee at Starbucks.

She was having a great time sitting in cart...bouncing.

8 Month accomplishments:

* Crawling, full speed!

* First bloody lip (of many, I'm sure!)

* She likes to pull herself up! A few weeks ago, I found her standing in her crib...

* Her first official ear infection, which required an antibiotic. Last week we made another

trip to the doctor...

* She has a huge appetite & loves to eat 'big people food'. She is starting to pick up her food &
actually find her mouth on her own!

It is so much fun to watch her learn new things & watch her personality grow.

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