Catching up

Well, I know I haven't posted since Paisley's "bead eating" incident. We have been quite busy, I really haven't had the time. So, in a nutshell, here's what we've been up to:

Paisley: the morning after eating the bead, she learned how to take her diaper off. Let me just say that was a nice mess to find first thing in the morning! After that, she managed to climb to the top of the steps all by herself...we found her playing with toys in her bedroom! So far, she hasn't attempted coming back down.

Kylei & Kadenn: Just finished out their spring soccer season. Their team finished #2 in the Area and #3 in the Region! They had an amazing season. It was a huge blessing for Dustin to be able to coach the girls again this season. Very thankful for the memories & friendships we made! Also, school is out for the summer...as of Wednesday!

Dustin: Participated in the 3rd bi-annual Timber Show in State College. He has been working closely with my Dad, running the sawmill business, so this was a great opportunity to get the business advertised.

This was our display at the Timber Show...

Mom & Dad at the Timber Show: Believe it or not, this was my Dad's first time participating in an Expo like this...in his 30 years in business!

As for me...I was just along for the crazy ride!!

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