I know what you're thinking...It's been a month since I redesigned the blog and then.. Poof! ...I disappear.  Well, yes, it does look that way, but really...we've just been busy.  VERY BUSY!!  It seems that no matter how hard I try to slow down during this time of year, things always seem to get out of control.

I titled this post "recovery", simply because that's the mode I feel that I am in.  Recovery...I'm busy, recovering myself and my family from weeks, months (years) of hurt.  I'm making an attempt to go through the grieving process with dignity.  So, in my attempt to 'recover'...we went on vacation! 

The five of us spent 9 days in the Outerbanks ~ Corolla, North Carolina.  We had an amazing time relaxing and walking on the beaches.  It was definitely a much needed and appreciate time away to relax and recover!

Here's a quick glance at the rest of our busy October!!

The day before we left for vacation, I spent the afternoon supporting a local organization called Sweet Grace Ministries.  I was at there recent Sweet Walk to Remember event to support infant loss.  I attended the Sweet Walk fundraiser in memory of both Todd and Quin, and as a Thirty-One Gifts consultant to help raise money for the organization.  I'll share more about this event in another post...so check back to learn more about Sweet Grace Ministries!! 

The girls' soccer season is almost over...and by almost, I really mean regular season is over and 'bring on the tournament season'!  I absolutely LOVE watching my girls play soccer...almost as much as I enjoy watching Dustin coach their team.  This was definitely not a winning season for them, but there was a lot of learning.  We had a blast!!  Even Paisley enjoyed hanging out at the soccer field!

Oh...I almost forgot.  Dustin trained for, and ran a marathon in October.  This was his first ever marathon!!  And, YES...he ran the entire 26.2 miles!  He trained with some friends to participate in the Freedom's Run in Harper's Ferry.  He crossed the finish line in 4 hours and 7 minutes!! 

You can't really see him that well in this picture...but that's him crossing the finish line!

And here is a shot of our marathon group, after the race!

Wow, what a crazy month & a half it has been.  

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