30 Day Challenge

I know this post is completely irrelevant to anything else I've EVER posted...but I figured, why not try something new!! :)

Yesterday was Day 1 of my newest 30 Day Challenge...yes, that's right, I started the 30 Day Shred with Jillian Michaels!  If you followed me on Facebook, you would know that I started running while we were on vacation.  I hate running...but yet, found it to be very relaxing to run.  Maybe it was the beach environment that had me motivated, I don't know.  But, either way, I decided it was time to do something to get in better shape.  So, since I'm a fair-weather runner & it's cold here now, I decided to find some indoor exercise regimen.

I bought this DVD several years ago & couldn't keep up at all.  My knees ached so bad, I gave up!  

My niece (my new accountability partner) and I started to work our way through the program again.  Day 1 is complete & I felt great!  Surprisingly, I was able to do the entire workout.  I woke up this morning...pain free!! My legs felt a bit like jell-o when I first got out of bed.  So, we'll see how Day 2 goes!? :/
Check back...eventually, I'll post my exercise goals, etc.  (Hopefully!!) ...Plus, if you don't see anything from me in a while...there is a good chance that Jillian got the best of me!! 

So, that's my "new" thing that I'm working on...what "new" things are YOU doing!?

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