Not just another day...

It is currently 7:53am.  On this day, at this moment, 4 years ago...I was on my way to the Harrisburg Hospital to give birth to our first & only son, Todd Heston.  As you all know, he was born with a congenital heart disease called Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome.  This disease would, typically, require open heart surgery in a 3 stage procedure over the course of 5 years.  For Todd, unfortunately, that wasn't the case.  He would require a heart transplant...and so the story goes.  

Today we remember him, on what would be his 4th birthday.  The last 3 years we released balloons in memory of him.  Today, we carry on as if it is just another day.  From the outside, that may appear true...but inside my heart aches as much as the day we said good-bye. 

"It's not the date of birth or date of death that matter, it's how you live the days in between" - Kylei Martin

Such wise words, spoken by such a young girl.  Kylei said she heard something similar said at school this week.  She said it made her think of Todd and Quin.  She said how important those days were with both her baby brother and sister, and how they meant much more than any other.
Her words got me thinking back to the 24 days we spent in Delaware, with Todd.  Four years later, but it still feels like yesterday.  I learned so much about myself, my husband, my faith...I was able to dig deep and find faith and strength I didn't know I had.  I found my God to be truer than true and much bigger than I ever imagined.
Kylei is right...those days in between are much more important than the beginning and the end.  It's full of purpose, whether you can see it or not.  From July 20th 2008, while in still in the womb, when Todd's heart condition was first diagnosed...we prayed that his life, no matter how long or short, would have purpose.  I believe it has, even when I see no evidence.  

If you get nothing more out of this, please get this one thing...live your life on purpose.  How will YOU live your "days in between"?

Today, we remember Todd and the date of his birth...but more importantly we remember and cherish the 24 days we had with him.  

Happy 4th birthday, Todd Heston Martin!! 


Stacy Lehman said...

i can't think of the words i want to say to you and I know no matter what that it isn't going to make the pain go away. Mike and I are blessed to call you and dustin and all your girls friends of ours. You guys showed such an amazing faith throughout those tough times and I cant wait to see in what ways God is going to continue to use these experiences as a blessing to you or others beyond what we can imagine! I hope the rest of your week is amazing and we will talk soon!

Titus Martin said...

What a Teatimony of God's Grace and Love. May God continue to give you Peace and Joy as you live "Life with Purpose". Grandpa Martin "my dad" said "He could not understand how God could send his Only Son to the Earth to die for us, What Love"! We Love You!! Blessings! Mother and Dad