2012 in Review

New Year's is typically a time of reflection, remembrance, and renewed commitment.  So, I thought I would take a few minutes to do all of those things.  2012 has been an interesting year for the Martin family.  So, to rewind...here is our 'list'

*January - We spent a day in Wilmington Delaware, preparing breakfast for the guest families.  It
                 was a great day, just the 5 of us...giving back in memory of Todd Heston.
                 We also celebrated Kadenn's 9th birthday!!

*February - We told the girls and the rest of our families that we would soon be a family of 6...
                   We also celebrated Kylei's 11th birthday!!

*March - Dustin & I celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary!  I won't say it has been an easy 12 
               years, but it was definitely fun!!  I am so blessed to be able to spend the next 12+ years     

*April - We found out this month that we were have a GIRL...and also celebrated my birthday :)
             Dustin had a week of vacation from UPS, which we spent visiting the Baltimore 
             Aquarium, and Lakemont Park.

*June - School ended & summer vacation began...

*July - On the 19th (My Grandmother's birthday) We celebrated the arrival of Quintin Riley.
           She was born at the Chambersburg Hospital.  We spent 5 days with her between York
           Hospital and the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.  
           She was diagnosed with a rare Mitochondrial disorder and we gave her back to Jesus on     
           the 24th.  I know I haven't shared too much about this, here on our blog. But, in time, I

*August - Paisley turned 2 years old & the big girls went back to school.  Kylei is officially in 
               middle school.  This has proved to be an exciting challenge for the ENTIRE family!!

*September-October - were spent on the soccer field, as usual!The girls were both invited to    
                                 participate in some club soccer games/clinics.  This has been a fun 
                                 experience getting to play soccer at a completely new level.
                                  We also took Dustin second vacation week and went to Corolla Beach in
                                  the Outerbanks of North Carolina.  

*November - Happy Thanksgiving

*December - Dustin worked at the Gettysburg UPS center as a Driver & Driver Helper.  This was 
                    a requirement for a promotion he has applied for.  We are "patiently" waiting God's 
                    timing for the promotion to take place.
                    We also celebrated Todd's 4th birthday on December 5th.  Very bittersweet!!

Blessings and Best wishes for the New Year!! Happy 2013...

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